COVID-19 Protocols & Vaccine Policy

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Following Current Provincial Protocols

Provincial and LG&L Health Unit guidelines and protocols can be found here: The list is long and provides drop down information for various scenarios, ie; “What Does a Close Contact (High Risk) Contact Mean”, “What Do You Do If You Are a Close (High Risk) Contact”, etc.

All participants should be staying home from practice/games if they have the slightest COVID symptoms and also continue to use the Ontario self assessment tool before an event:

Warriors strongly encourage players to mask when at school and out in public to hopefully avoid contacting the virus and potentially having their team shut down because of a positive or suspected case occurring after an event.

Parents should be informing team managers or head coaches if their child is suspected of having or tests positive for COVID-19, up to 48 hours after an event.

Warriors Coaches and Managers: When dealing with a suspected or positive case please keep in mind that the personal confidentiality of the reporting individual is extremely important.

Warriors will continue to notify team members, competing teams and officials, (on behalf of parents of positive cases) if a confirmed or suspected case of COVID is reported after an event. Warrios will also continue to keep attendance records of all attendees to ensure we can inform all those close contacts if there is a COVID-19 case reported after an event.

Dennis Brookson
President, Kemptville Warriors

Warriors Vaccine Policy is for all individuals who register to participate in Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA) league events and games. Programs running as skills training, U10 Fundamentals and the U15 Girls Recreational Program are in house only and not considered league events. All programs are subject to all protocols and procedures as may be required by the LGL District Health Unit, Ontario Medical Officers of Health, Facility Owners (school boards), and Ontario Basketball.

Warriors Basketball has implemented it’s vaccine policy to coincide with the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association’s (EOBA) COVID-19 Return to Play Policy. Vaccines will be required for all participants who are eligible. Players, coaches and volunteers will require two shots and 14 days before participating in any EOBA league event. Click here to veiw the EOBA’s Policy and Accommodations.

Warriors COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Kemptville Warriors Basketball requires all individuals who enter a facility to participate as a volunteer, player or coach in an EOBA event to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Health Canada guidelines detailing full vaccination apply.

Proof of Vaccination may be required, depending on the policies for specific facilities, for admittance to any Warriors venue home and away. Only government issued Vaccine Certificates will be accepted as valid proof of vaccination. Click here for information on the Ontario Government’s, Enhanced COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate with QR Code.

The only exemptions to this policy will be for individuals who have been given a medical exemption, and who apply for and receive an Accommodation through the EOBA procedure.

Individuals who are unable to provide proof of vaccination, when required by facility owners, will not be permitted in facilities where Warriors Basketball is attending an event.