Registration and Programming Information 2021/2022

Update Sept. 12,

As with most things COVID-related, things are constantly changing. Having communicated with the UCDSB & CDSBEO regarding Community Use of School (CUS), our Health Unit, the EOBA and OBA, here’s what I know as of today…

No Clubs in the EOBA have access to school gyms for the foreseeable future. There are a couple of private school gyms being used by one or two clubs. Health units have put CUS on hold until a review in mid October. I don’t expect any clubs to be in their regular school gyms until November at the earliest. When play resumes there’s a possibility it may be limited to practices and in-club scrimmages only. This will be regulated at the discretion of local Health Units.

The OBA and EOBA have issued notification that Vaccines will be required for all participants who are eligible (players, coaches and volunteers will require two shots and 14 days before participating). When children under 12 are eligible they must be vaccinated ASAP.  My understanding with regard to mandatory vaccines is: the only exemptions will be those who are likely to or have had an anaphylactic response or after their first shot they had an issue with blood clotting. How the Vaccine Certificates will be enforced is still to be determined. Initially, I think it will be best for Warriors to not allow spectators in the schools until things are up and running smoothly.

Warriors will be responsible for heath protocols as detailed in the OBA’s Return to Play Step 3 guidelines: I expect the Health Unit may be adding to these protocols.

Warriors will have “Health Crews” for each team to oversee the use of PPE, monitor behaviour and cleaning protocols, and oversee access to the gyms. I anticipate each team will need a minimum of five parent volunteers (not part of the coaching staff) for Health Crews to cover all events and share the duties. One of those volunteers will also need to be part of the Warriors Lead Health Crew that will organize, schedule, and ensure all protocols are followed. If a team does not have enough volunteers for a proper Health Crew, that team will have limited access to facilities.

Warriors will begin online registration Saturday, Sept. 18. Considering that programs may have to be altered to comply with evolving health restrictions or limited due to the allocation of gym time, we will not require registration fees until we are certain how programming will roll out. Practice schedules will not be finalized until we have received conformation of all gym bookings.

Thanks for your patience as we move forward with the 2021/2022 season.

Dennis Brookson

Kemptville Warriors