Right Way Basketball is offering an online Shooting Course…

Right Way Basketball recognizes there is a lack of structure without school and organized activities which has made it especially difficult for kids (and even adults) to establish effective routines, stick to a plan and ultimately find the motivation to be productive.

The unique times we’re in are further revealing the importance of creating good habits, finding inspiration to persevere, prioritizing tasks and working towards a goal. We’ve got something that will help….

We’ve created an intensive 7-Day Online Shooting Course that will dive deep into how to become a standout shooter. The course will also be interactive and attempt to build a community of people growing and learning together.

A lot of time and effort is going into creating the course so we’re really excited about sharing it with players and coaches. As an added incentive, we are offering a team discount so if you’re able to get 5+ players from your son/daughter’s team to sign up then send Mike an email at: rwbballclinics@gmail.com with the names of the players and he’ll pass along a coupon code (for 15% off) to be used when filling out the online registration form.