Team Registration 2022/23

Please read the info here, more will be provided on our TeamSnap registration pages. If you have any problems during registration or questions after completing the registration process, please contact,

If you do not already have a TeamSnap account, you will need to sign up for one. You should be able to do that from one of the links below, or for more information, Click here for the Registration Guide for Prospective Members

The regular practice schedule for the season can be viewed here (times may vary during “Sorts”), Planned Practice Schedule 2022/2023* Once “Sorts” (player and team evaluations) are complete, we will organize both competitive and recreational programs based on player skill sets and numbers. U10 Programs will begin with a Fundamentals Program before forming into team groups. Warriors Basketball always attempts to provide programming for all registered participants.

The season typically runs from September to March for U10 and U12 teams and as late April to early May for older teams.

Please click on the appropriate age group below to go to our TeamSnap registration pages.

Competitive and/or recreational team programs:

U10 Boys, (Born 2013 or later, 8 & 9 year old (yo) )*. Younger players will be considered if space permits.

U10 Girls, (Born 2013 or later, 8 & 9 year old (yo) )*. Younger players will be considered if space permits.

U12 Boys, (Born 2011 or later, 10 & 11 yo)*.

U12 Girls, (Born 2011 or later, 10 & 11 yo)*.

U14 Boys, (Born 2009 or later, 12 & 13 yo)*.

U14 Girls, (Born 2009 or later, 12 & 13 yo)*.

U16 Girls, (Born 2007 or later 14 & 15 yo)*.

U15/U16/U17 Boys (Born 2006 or later, 16 yo and younger)*.

Please note all programs are subject to gym availability and player spots. If player spots are limited for recreational/developmental programs, participation will be based on those first to register.

The Ontario Basketball Association (OBA) and the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association (EOBA) are in the final stages of implementing new requirements for Clubs as prerequisites of affiliation. Undoubtedly these new implementations will improve the overall experience for players and their families, however, they will require fee increases for all participants. Until we have determined the final costs of these enhancements, the Registration Fees below are estimates only. Warriors Basketball operates as a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization and will continue to keep fees as low as possible for all participants.

2022/2023 Fee Estimates (fees may also differ between competitive and recreational programs):

U10, up to 375**

U12, up to $480**

U13 & U14, $535**

U15 & U16 $635**

U17 $635**


*Please note that all programs are subject to gym availability and player spots. All details listed are tentative.

** All registration fees are subject to change if Warriors incur additional costs due to increased facility or referee fees. All fees include team league fees, selected tournaments and use of uniforms. A uniform deposit of $150 is required for competitive teams and $50 for recreational teams. The deposit is returned when the uniform is returned in good condition at the end of the season.