Election Updates

Below is a list of the positions that are up for election (in red), followed the Members who have accepted the nomination for those positions. Brief statements may also be included from the nominee.


Nominated, Matt Jokela

Matt’s message to the Membership,

I am honored to be nominated for President of the Kemptville Warriors Basketball Club. I have been involved with Warriors for the past two years in a variety of ways including coaching with the U10 Boys program, assisting with the Small Ball program, and as the chair of the transition committee that has been working towards guiding Warriors to a registered non-profit in accordance with the Ontario Non-Profit Corporation Act.

My goals as president are to carry on with the Warriors tradition of being a community driven, inclusive organization that aim to promote physical activity and sportsmanship through basketball for Kemptville and the surrounding area.

Vice Presidents (2): a VP of Girls Basketball and a VP of Boys Basketball

VP of Girls Basketball,

Nominated, Stephanie Mackie

Stephanie’s message to the Membership,

I accept the nomination for Vice President, Girls Basketball, with gratitude for the opportunity to continue serving the Kemptville Warriors community. Having been part of the Warriors family as a player and dedicating years to coaching and various organizational roles, I bring a profound understanding of the program’s impact on young athletes. My spirited dedication to basketball and the Warriors organization fuels my commitment to fostering growth and empowerment within the girls’ program. I am eager to use my experience to create a supportive environment where young girls can thrive, develop their skills, and cultivate their passion for the game. Together, let’s propel the girls’ program to new heights and inspire the next generation of female basketball players.

VP of Boys Basketball,

Nominated, Keith Kelsey

Keith’s message to the Membership,

“I am honored to be nominated for the Vice President, Boys Basketball position on the Kemptville Warriors 2024/2025 Board of Directors. With nearly two decades of dedicated involvement in the Warriors basketball program, from grassroots initiatives to coaching and team management across various age groups, I bring a wealth of experience and passion for the game. My commitment to fostering skill development, promoting teamwork, and instilling a love for basketball in young players has been unwavering. As Vice President, I envision further enhancing the program’s inclusivity, providing opportunities for player growth at all levels, and fostering a supportive community that values sportsmanship and personal development. I am excited about the opportunity to continue contributing to the success and growth of the Kemptville Warriors basketball program.”

Coach Keith Kelsey.

U14 Boys Head Coach


Nominated, Robert Leach


Nominated, Kristi Johnston


Rance Young

Equipment Manager

Nominated, Jordan Geurts

Health Officer

Nominated, Courtney Meunier

School Board Liaison Community Use of Schools (CUS)

Nominated, Stephanie Mackie

IT Representative

Policy Compliance Representative