Warriors Going Forward

Below is a copy of the post now up on Facebook, followed by brief outlines of the responsibilities for the various roles we are looking for volunteers to fill. If you are interested in helping in any way or are looking for more information please contact, info@kemptvillewarriors.ca


To the Kemptville Warriors Basketball Community and others interested in supporting youth sports in our area:

As Warriors gears up for the coming season, we are looking for volunteers to become involved with the Club in several capacities: to enhance our coaching staff and to help with the day-to-day running of the club. Currently we are looking for the following positions: Registrar, Treasurer, IT, Marketing including social media, Technical Director, Health Officer, and an Officer in charge of legal issues and compliance in relationship to the new Ontario Not-for-profit Corporation Act (ONCA).

If you’re not familiar with Warriors, we are a long-time Association operating as a not-for-profit, started by dedicated community volunteers Ted and Betty Cooper over 30 years ago. Warriors is affiliated with Basketball Ontario and the Eastern Ontario Basketball Association, providing recreational and competitive basketball programing to area youth, boys and girls, ages 5 through to 17.

I personally have been involved with Warriors for over 20 years, first as a coach then as Director of Boys Basketball, and over the last several years as Club President. I have decided to retire from my responsibilities this year with the Club. To facilitate the transition, I am pleased that Matt Jokela will be serving as the Chair of the Board along with several other individuals with long-time relationships with the Club. As North Grenville has become one of the fastest growing populations in Ontario, so too Warriors has grown over the years – bringing new challenges and exciting new opportunities for the area’s young people. To that end we are hoping some former Warriors players who are still in the area will step up and volunteer for the next generation of area youth. We would also be pleased to have other area residents participate in the continued journey of Warriors Basketball.

If you are interested in helping in any way or are looking for more information please contact, info@kemptvillewarriors.ca


Dennis Brookson

Past President

Kemptville Warriors Basketball Association


Volunteer Opportunities


Coaching is a very rewarding endeavor and one of the most important volunteer roles for our organization. You do not need to be a basketball player to be a basketball coach. Below is a brief outline of the commitment.


Practices are twice a week in Kemptville. Times for our U10 & U12 teams is typically 6:00 to 7:30pm (90 min.) depending on the gym and night. Some gym permits in the public schools (smaller gyms that we usually use for rec teams) don’t start until 6:30, with 75 min practices, to allow for two teams to get floor time. Older teams U14 and up usually practice from 7:30 to 9:00pm

For competitive teams games are scheduled through the EOBC (Eastern Ontario Basketball Committee, formally the EOBA) central scheduler and are typical tri-meets, three teams each playing two games in a four-hour time slot, usually twice a month on weekends. There may be some weeknight games but for U12 teams outside of Ottawa this is not the norm. Tournaments outside of league play are at the “team’s discretion” and the club covers the registration fee for up to three a year; travel expenses are covered by the player’s family. “Team’s discretion” means coaches and parents determine what, if any, tournaments a team wants to attend. The season runs until March possibly through May. Older ages tend to play later into the spring, with practices starting in Sept.


For recreational teams, practice is also in Kemptville and can be once or twice a week depending on gym availability. Games are played in the Stittsville area for U12 and U14 teams, two games back-to-back on Saturdays every other week. U16 rec teams may play in Ottawa South or Nepean, one game every Saturday.


For competitive and rec teams no practises or games are usually held during school vacation periods.


Team rosters are determined by “­­Sorts”, where we assess player skill levels and attempt to build balanced rosters for competitive and rec teams. Kemptville Warriors tries to accommodate all participants who have registered with the Club.



Warriors will help with NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certification. This is a fairly significant time commitment and Warriors will cover the cost once a coach has completed the certification. It takes a full weekend and an additional 40 hours of course work. Here’s the link https://coach.ca/learn-train for the L2T course outline. It is well worth the time and very important for coaches wanting to coach at the competitive level. There are also Community Coaching clinics that may be offered for recreational coaches. The Warriors Technical Director is also responsible for overseeing coaches and helping with the technical aspects of coaching basketball.


Health Officer:

Organize first aid training for coaches, ensure first aid kits are properly stocked (order through equip manager and distribute stock). Concussion policy review, compliance, and education. Covid and Heath Authority Compliance as required.

The Health Officer should have a background in public health and be able to facilitate and oversee best practices and training for coaching staff.

IT person:

Set up and maintain electronic systems, maintaining Club Website, TeamSnap, and Social Media accounts, help with any technical issues that others, such as the Registrar and Marketing, may be having.

The IT person should have a strong background with setting up and maintaining web-based systems.


Social Media, website content & updates, promotions, and Club branding.

The marketing person would ideally have a background in marketing and communications.


Oversee registration and rostering, work with IT to get registrations up and running. Prepare and distribute invoices electronically for team fees and ensure fees have been paid. Ensure system-generated notifications for registrants are up and working properly.

Help with any players requiring financial assistance through Jump Start or Club bursaries.

The Registrar should be prepared to set up and monitor the web-based registration systems and ensure members are not having any problems during registration periods. The registrar should have some familiarity with systems such as TeamSnap.


The Secretary is responsible for: Ensuring meetings are effectively organized and minutes are taken and distributed in a timely manner. Maintaining effective records and administration, upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, etc. (where relevant). Managing Board-directed communication and correspondence. Ensure coaches have submitted Vulnerable Sector Check, and all Waiver/Release forms have been submitted by parents.

It is important to note that although the Secretary ensures that these responsibilities are met, much of the work may be delegated to paid staff or volunteers.

The Secretary should have good communication skills and be detail oriented.


Initially as the Club transitions to comply with the Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations Act (ONCA) Warriors will need legal expertise to ensure the Club’s Constitution and Bylaws are in compliance with ONCA.

Ideally this individual will be a lawyer with expertise in business and not-for-profit corporations.

Technical Director:

The Club Technical Director will:

  • Be willing to lead and work with all club coaches and members.
  • Communicate with coaches of all experience levels and determine what information needs to be shared, based on the level of the athletes the coaches are working with.
  • Further their professional development by working with Ontario Basketball’s Regional Technical Director, other Technical Directors, and Ontario Basketball.
  • Have an eagerness to grow the game of basketball and support in the development of the Kemptville Warrior’s coaches and athletes.

The minimum Requirements for this position as detailed by Ontario Basketball:

  • Minimum Train to Train certified, with some Train to Compete or the willingness to complete the certification.
  • Member is in good standing with Ontario Basketball and their home club.


Oversees all financial transactions and fundraising efforts and monitors all funds going in or out of the Club. Primary duties include budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, and overseeing incoming and outgoing funds.

The Treasurer should have some experience with small business bookkeeping and finances.