Terms of Membership

Please ensure you read and understand the rules and membership information herein and the commitments you and your family are undertaking when registering for Warriors Basketball. If you have any questions, please contact info@kemptvillewarriors.ca

As members of Warriors Basketball, all family members and guests attending Warriors events are expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines. Failure to comply with any of the following may result in restricted access to events for individuals not in compliance. Severe violations of Conduct rules may result in player suspension from Warriors Basketball and Basketball Ontario programs.

Community Use of Schools

The following are some, but not all, of the rules for Community Use of Schools. School and gym rules must be strictly adhered to. Use of the schools is a privilege and following these rules will help ensure we do not lose that privilege.

  • UCDSB now has a locked door policy. Custodians will open the doors at the beginning of our permit time. If you arrive early please wait at the entrance to let other people with Warriors into the school. The next person to arrive will then wait to let the next person in, and so on, until the scheduled practice start time. At no time is anyone to prop open a door to allow access to the school. It is recommended that parents share cell numbers and work out a text message system for those who may be staying in the gym and those wishing to leave and come back. If you arrive late and cannot get into the school, knocking on the outside gym door may be the best way to get in. At no time are people permitted to enter directly into the gym through an outside gym door. Someone in the gym must go to the nearest school hallway entrance to let the person into the school.
  • Parking, even briefly, must be in designated parking spaces only. Vehicles are never to be left unattended in drop off zones in front of the schools. At NGDHS the bus loop at the side of the school is a No Parking zone.
  • No outdoor footwear is to be worn in the gyms; there are no exceptions when the weather is wet or snowy. Most gyms have signs posting the specific restrictions. Players should wear outdoor shoes to the gym and change into a clean pair of gym shoes before going on the court.
  • Dribbling, playing catch and any other use of balls must be limited to the gym and is not permitted in the hallways and other areas of the school.
  • People are not permitted to roam the school halls. We have access to the gym and washrooms only. Players are not to go to their lockers without the custodian’s permission. At South Branch washrooms must be accessed off the gym, not through the main hallway.
  • No climbing of closed bleachers.
  • No hanging off of, or using the protective wall matting as a foothold.
  • “Snow Days” all practices canceled. Both the CDSBEO and the UCDSB, Community Use of Schools policies require that all extracurricular school use and activities are canceled on snow days.
  • Custodians are the representatives of the school board and are in charge of the facility. Custodians are to be listened to and respected. Keeping a good working relationship with the custodians is most important in helping to ensure our continued gym use privileges.


  • Uniforms will be distributed to players at the beginning of the season and must be returned in the same condition at the end of the season.
  • Uniforms are to be worn for Warriors games only. Uniforms are not to be used for practice or worn as street clothing.
  • Laundering uniforms is to be done in cold water only and the garments are to be hung to dry.
  • Please do not remove sizing tags.
    • If a uniform is not returned at the end of the season, is lost or damaged during the season because of improper use or laundering, that player’s parents are responsible for the full replacement cost of that one uniform or piece. Updated Oct. 2023, Uniform deposits required:  reversible uniforms $50 deposit, sublimated uniforms $150 deposit. The deposit will be returned at the end of the season when the uniform is returned in good condition.
  • NOTE: Ordering one uniform set or one piece of our sublimated uniform sets can be very expensive and potentially cost hundreds of dollars.


  • Tryout and Sorting Fees must be paid in full and a Waiver/Release form must be completed for insurance purposes before a player is able to participate in any on-court activities.
  • Team Fees are due within 14 days of registration opening on the website. The Warriors organization is willing to defer payments over time, if needed. Special arrangements must made by contacting the Registrar at registrar@kemptvillewarriors.ca. We also work with groups that offer financial assistance to young athletes and can provide information to you if you’d like to apply.
  • A player’s spot on a team is not secured/guaranteed until registration fees have been paid.

Game Date Duties:

  • Some hosting clubs may provide minor officials to run the clock and keep score. This is not always the case, however, and therefore parents should be prepared on occasion to volunteer to act as a minor official. If you have older children who are interested in working as minor officials for community hours please let your coach know and we can arrange for training.
  • Game dates at NGDHS: we will require a monitor on the front door of the school at all times. A sign up sheet with a time schedule will be circulated prior to the game date and families will be required to take short shifts during the course of the day to ensure visiting teams have access to the school throughout our hosting events.


Canteens have and will continue to be an important way for Warriors to offset costs and keep the registration fees to a minimum. When Warriors are hosting divisional games for the majority of the day (6 hours or longer) or two back-to-back tri-meets in the same gym, the parents of those two teams are responsible for coordinating the set up and running of a canteen. All families are expected to participate in some way. A template outlining the set up and running of the canteen is available as a guideline for organizers new to the running of our canteens.


  • Warriors strive to give a minimum of 24 hours notice of any changes to times or venues for events. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience if this is not always possible.
  • In the event of a “Snow Day” being declared by the school boards we will not have access to the gym on that day and all programs are canceled.
  • We will do our best to respond to all inquires within 24 hours. We ask that when a response is requested to a correspondence you use the 24-hour guideline as well.

Player and Spectator Conduct:

As we strive to create a positive experience for everyone involved in our programs please keep this mantra in mind: players play, coaches coach and refs ref.

Players, coaches and spectators must adhere to Ontario Basketball Fair Play Policy:

“Cheer as much as want.

Support our coaches, athletes, officials and other spectators

Have fun and enjoy the sport and the competition.

But if you disrespect the spirit of fair play you will be asked to leave the facility.”

For more info on the Fair Play Policy go to; https://basketball.on.ca/competitions/fair-play/

  • A Waiver/Release form must completed and signed for each player.
  • Guidelines for Behaviour as outlined on the Waiver/Release form must be adhered to at all times. To review the Waiver/Release form click here.
  • The expectation is that all players attend all scheduled events. Players who are unable to attend a game or practice must notify their coach, giving the coach as much notice as possible. Practices: Players with other regular commitments are expected to attend at least two out every three practices.

Thank you for taking the time to read the foregoing. Your commitment and understanding in complying with these rules is greatly appreciated. It will also go a long way to contributing positively to a supportive environment and fun season for all players.

Dennis Brookson

President Kemptville Warriors