Resumption of Play

Updated, June 17, 2021,
Warriors Basketball is optimistic Community Use of Schools Programs with CDSBEO and the UCDSB will resume in September. We are also hopeful that the WB George gym at the Kemptville Campus may also open for community bookings. The reopening of gyms will ultimately be up to school boards, provincial policy and health authorities. The determination that gyms will be reopening will likely be made in August. When Warriors is able to confirm gym bookings we will resume programming in accordance with Basketball Ontario Guidelines and local Public Health protocols.
Stay safe out there everyone!
Dennis Brookson
President Kemptville Warriors
2020/2021 Season,
UPDATED Nov. 6, 2020. It seems for the foreseeable future Warriors Basketball will not have access to gyms through the Community Use of Schools Program.
Yesterday the CDSBEO put out this statement, in part: “Please note that CDSBEO has reassessed community use within our schools and determined that our CDSBEO schools will continue to be closed, for community use purposes. This will be reassessed again on November 15, 2020.”
Today the UCDSB released this statement: “Community use of schools, for indoor use, will be further delayed and re-evaluated the week of January 25, 2021.”
The Municipality of North Grenville has also suspended, until further notice, community bookings at the WB George gym at the Kemptville Campus.
The information I have is that the Ottawa boards are also not permitting Community Use of Schools and will be reassessing opening the schools at the beginning of January.
Until this situation changes and we’re able to secure gym time Warriors Basketball is unable to schedule any programming.
Stay safe out there everyone!
Dennis Brookson
President Kemptville Warriors

UPDATED, August 16, 2020.

The UCDSB and the CDSBEO have yet to determine when Community Use of Schools will resume. As is quite understandable at this time, all Community Use of Schools gym bookings are on hold, essentially until further notice. UCDSB’s hold will be reevaluated on Oct 5. The CDSBEO has not indicated a date for the review of their current hold policy. Before Warriors Basketball can plan for any resumption of basketball activities we will need to know if/when we will have gym time available. We are exploring other possible options for some training. When we are able to plan and set programs we will post the info here, on our website, and on our Facebook page. If you like/follow us on Facebook you will be notified about programs and registration as we post the information.

Currently any resumption of basketball activities by Warriors will have to comply with Phase 3 Guidelines, as mandated by the Provincial Government, Ontario Health Authorities and Ontario Basketball.

Dennis Brookson, President Kemptville Warriors

OBA’s, Phase 3 Guildlines:

Kemptville Warriors Facebook page:



JULY 27 NEWS: The OBA has postponed the start of the COMPETITIVE schedule until January 2021 and designated the return to competitive play as Phase 5 of its return-to-play guidelines.…/

Warriors Basketball is currently waiting for the Ministry of Education to announce its plans for reopening schools. Our gym time is booked through the Community Use of Schools Program through our local school boards. Once we have information regarding the Community Use of Schools Program, Warriors will determine program offerings adhering to the OBA’s resumption of play guidelines.

The OBA has currently issued return-to-play guidelines for Phase 3 of the Provinces reopening plan:

“First and foremost, please remember that all the current restrictions and those that will come into effect as we reach next stages, are imposed by the Ontario Government and medical health authorities. These, and the Return to Play protocols in development by OBA, are designed to facilitate the ongoing and continued safety of our members and all Ontarians.

This document outlines working timelines, guidelines, measures and precautions that support a phased Return to Play plan while following health and safety measures at all times. We encourage our members to read and share these guidelines for Phase 3 and the OBA will continue to update these guidelines as restrictions are lifted.”…/

Once the province and school boards issue information regarding the reopening of schools, Warriors will be able to make decisions, with guidance from health authorities and Basketball Ontario, for the safe resumption of basketball activities.

Dennis Brookson, President Kemptville Warriors

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