Nate Newbold

Warriors Technical Director

In his role as the Club’s TD, Nat will be working directly with Warriors’ staff to enhance player skill development and coaching practices.
Nate will also be using his expertise to offer, N8 Skill Development training sessions for all players, in team groups, scheduled on weekends, as we move through the season.
Nate comes highly recommended by several people I know in the Ottawa basketball community, I am extremely pleased he has chosen to join us to advance youth athletics here in North Grenville with Warriors Basketball.
Dennis Brookson,
President Warriors Basketball


A little more about Nate:
Nate Newbold is a seasoned basketball skills development trainer renowned for his unwavering commitment to cultivating excellence in aspiring athletes. With a rich background in basketball and a passion for honing talent, Nathaniel has become a respected figure in the field of sports training.
Nate’s journey in basketball began on the courts where he showcased his own exceptional skills as a player. Transitioning seamlessly into coaching, he discovered his true calling in nurturing the potential of emerging talents during his time at College Universel and Capital Courts Academy. Over the years, Nathaniel has developed a holistic approach to skills development, integrating technical proficiency with a deep understanding of the mental and physical aspects of the game.
As the founder of N8 Skill Development, Nate has dedicated himself to providing top-tier training programs tailored to the unique needs of each athlete. His expertise lies in breaking down complex skills into manageable components, fostering a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the game. From dribbling fundamentals to advanced offensive and defensive strategies, Nate’s training sessions empower athletes to elevate their performance to new heights.
Nathaniel’s impact extends beyond the court; he is a mentor who instills discipline, resilience, and a strong work ethic in his trainees. His emphasis on character development and leadership skills underscores his commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who not only excel in basketball but also contribute positively to their communities.
In addition to his position as a skills development trainer, Nate has assumed recruitment responsibilities at Providence University College, Life Prep Academy, and UPEI.


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